This industry started to get sucks !

Hey, My name is Muhammad Hanif, I am a Mobile Developer in a small startup company based on Jogja.
Well, actually my job is cool, I'm not really got a fancy title but I have a termendous freedom I even can choose the technology stack on my own.
But still, there is a problem. I easily lost interest in thing, and I don't really believe what management has to say about the product.
actually I wish to be more to academic person but here I am, just a dropped-out university student.
Well don't put all the blame in me, there is really a huge ammount of project out there that need consitency and full of boring task. It is still ok for the project to be full of boring task when it become matured.
But, we shouldn't forget two things.
first, we can't just stop innovating. There is always a room for innovating to make it better. I see research team that working on a small pilot project to test ideas to be later applied in the main product is a good thing.
second, There should be a very clear reason to do the boring task over and over again. Boring task that have a clear vision on when it will ended is still acceptable.
But if an engineer had to do a boring task all over and over again without seeing there is any progress on the product, well, that sucks.
I know moreover in my country, rarely people complain about this. at least directly to their manager, as long as the paycheck is good.
Well for me money isn't everything. You can't just make your employee stays by reminding them that they have a good office and a good salary. This kind of capitalistic thinking is the very reason we have no clear vision about our future.
For example, if you are an e-commerce company that sells donut, can you really explain to your employee why they should spend they precious time to build an e-commerce that sells donut aside from money ? this is what make employee not only stays, but also motivated.
We should learn from the broken mindset of capitalism. Your engineer is not your tool, or your asset. they are human like you, they are having a 24-hour of precious time, just like you.
I know this isn't true for all engineers. We know that some of us got into software engineering because it have a high salary and so long they got paid well they won't complain. I not blame them. It's rational choice.