On Becoming Better: Focus and Goals

The essence of productivity is not time management. but focuse management. if you can retain focus you can be productive..

How about goals ? goals can be tricky. I think if i can focus on outcome I can be successful on achieving goals

But turns out it is not

it is the process that matters. I should try to learn to love the process

Learn to love the process of writing code whatever code it is

learn to love the process of exercise whether I lose weight or not

I was wrong all along. it shouldn't be outcome that I was focusing on.

Maybe this was because I am also focused on other people.

I envy of people successful instead of looking up at them. It was negative. how can I be better ? by focusing inside. but don't stop there, it's narcissism

After focusing inside I should progress toward outside, by having empathy, loving others, and inspire.

Remember that you can achieve your goal by focusing your mind towards outcome. it was exercise when you feel too lazy or writing code that you don't like that matters to gain you skill

Consistency matter.

I should wash out my negative feeling before I can progress further. I need to. or that will destroying me from the inside.

Go go more positive feeling !